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In 2009, at the request of some of our customers and after many years of treating lawns and landscape plants, the "traditional way", we started exploring ways to get the same beauty and health out of our landscapes while doing a better job protecting our customers' children, pets, environment and futures. After much research we settled on a Bio-Nutritional, All Food Grade feeding program for our lawns and plants. We now use the Holganix system for our "fertilization" programs. This program is, actually, improving our lawns and plants by introducing microorganisms, microbial food sources and Endo Mycorrhizae back into the soils ecosystem, acting as a Probiotic for your lawn and shrubs. By improving the cell wall, the grass is able to grow thicker and healthier, reducing the need for excessive fertilizers and pesticide applications. In addition to changing the products we use in your landscaping, we decided to change our approach to chemical application. The industry norm is to carpet spray or cover every inch of your lawn with weed control spray to control the growth of those weeds. We choose to take a different approach and spot spray the worst of the weeds. In doing this we are able to reduce the amount of chemicals used on your lawn by as much as 95%.

We also offer reduced emmission lawn care, electing to use electric or hand powered tools instead of petroleum based equipment. While these services do cost more than traditional methods, we feel the effect acchieved outweighs the cost.

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