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PATIOS - concrete, pavers or stone

WALLS - natural stone, manufactured stone, wood or concrete

WALKS - concrete, pavers, wood or stone

STONE MULCH - long lasting & will not draw insects 

DRIVEWAYS - we provide Gravel, Asphalt or Concrete Paving 

EXCAVATING & DRAINAGE - full service drainage design & excavation services


Fire pit & sitting wall we designed & installed in Northgarden


Porous Pave permeable pavement job we designed & installed in Charlottesville


Here we removed an old set of steps that blocked the driveway. We moved the steps into the hillside and rebuilt the wall to match.


This customer needed a handicapped entrance so we designed & installed this parking pad and easy access walk over the existing walk & steps


Dry laid walk we installed in Northgarden


Japanese Garden we designed & installed in Charlottesville


Walls & patio we designed and installed in Charlottesville

desario Oct 25 003

Brick paver patio we designed & installed in Northgarden

Stone Planter Walls in Zions Crossroads
Retaining Wall & Excavation Job in Zions Crossroads
Asphalt drive & grading installed in Charlottesville
Stone Mulching, Slate Walkways and Stone Planter Walls designed & installed in Zions Crossroads
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